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Family Law Attorneys Loomis and Loomis can represent your Child Custody case in Lighthouse Point, Broward.

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If you are facing divorce, never underestimate the importance of having an attorney who cares. One who understands what you are going through, who will be there to listen when you need to be heard, who will be honest with you about your case. One who will fight tenaciously to help you achieve the best possible results. We will work closely with you to lead you through the process, to educate you about your rights and options, and to show you what you can expect when facing a divorce. 


The Law Office of Loomis & Loomis, P.A. adheres to a disciplined, yet fluid process that brings immediate stability to what are typically uncertain situations that our clients bring to us.


The first step in any successful representation is comprehensive information gathering. We quickly ascertain the who, what, when, where, and why present in any situation. This involves constructing the complete picture of the fracturing or fractured relationship, assets, and all issues involving children.


After assembling the body of information referenced above, we map out our first steps and take appropriate action. These typically include making arrangements for use and possession of the martial home, temporary arrangements for support payments and children, if necessary, and additional discussions about permanent arrangements.


We strive to get our clients the best result in the most efficient manner possible. Expectations are set at an early stage, and then we proactively pursue our client’s objectives. We are aggressive, but measured, and treat everyone encountered in this process with professionalism and respect.


We look forward to working with you.


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