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South Florida Family Law Appeals Attorneys


At The Law Office of Loomis & Loomis, P.A., our experience in complex family law cases can help our Florida family law clients navigate the appeals process. Dissatisfaction with the outcome of a trial does not necessarily constitute grounds for appeal. Usually, appeals are available to family law matters only when there has been an error of law committed by the trial court. We can analyze your case and determine if an appeal is appropriate. 


Rulings in family law cases have a profound impact on people's lives. Erroneous applications of the law during your trial can have lasting negative repercussions on your finances, your livelihood and your children. An experienced family law attorney can protect your rights on appeal.


The lawyers at Loomis & Loomis, P.A. can assist you in reviewing and analyzing your appellate options. Contact us to speak with a family law lawyer who can handle your case in South Florida. We will prepare your appeal with diligence and attention to detail.



Finding the right divorce attorney in South Florida

"They have a thorough understanding of family law, and they truly care about the best interests of the family. Because of them, I can finally live in peace knowing that justice prevailed."

Anonymous ~ Fort Lauderdale

Kerry Loomis, Esq.

Isabell Loomis, Esq.


The Boca Raton based Law Firm of Loomis & Loomis P.A. provides quality divorce and family matter legal services to clients throughout South Florida serving Palm Beach and Broward counties.

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