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Spousal Support

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Spousal Support Under Florida Law


Finding the right South Florida divorce attorney is key to getting the best possible outcome for spousal support. The consideration for determining whether and how much spousal support may be required is one spouse’s financial need balanced against the other’s ability to pay.


Calculating Spousal Support in Florida Divorce Cases


If the divorce will leave one spouse with very little income and the other with sufficient income to contribute support, generally the court will award support. In the classic case, spousal support is awarded to a homemaker who has put his/her career on hold for the benefit of the family and paid by the wage-earning spouse who has worked during the marriage and enjoyed the benefit of a steadily increasing income.


In short-term marriages of say less than ten (10) years, that assistance may continue for a period equal to one-half the duration of the marriage. That period is loosely calculated to enable the recipient spouse to further his/her education, receive job training and reestablish him/herself in the workforce. For longer term marriages of say fifteen (15) years or more, such rehabilitation may not be possible and support may continue indefinitely. No two parties’ circumstances are the same and thus support amounts and durations tend to vary.


Contact a South Florida Spousal Support Lawyer


Our Florida spousal support firm will explain the factors likely to enter into a support decision and will help you weigh the costs versus the benefits of taking a spousal support case to court. Whether you are entitled to spousal support or subject to paying spousal support to your former spouse, Loomis & Loomis, P.A. can advocate on your behalf to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact our firm today for your initial consultation.



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